ALHR Activities

Date Subject Activity Type
07/06/2006 Sexuality Federal Government's attack on ACT's Civil Union Bill Press Release
19/04/2012 Children and Young People (Inc. CRoC) Child Rights: What Australia can do to be a world leader in better protecting the rights of children Press Release
28/05/2003 Sexuality ALHR supports gay law reform in the ACT Press Release
19/07/2010 Disability Disability discrimination will persist in Australian migration decisions Press Release
21/06/2005 Terrorism | War Bob Carr's Terrorism Bill One Step Too Far for Human Rights Press Release
26/03/2014 Race and Indigenous Issues (Inc. CERD) ALHR urges caution on racial discrimination changes Press Release
05/12/2011 Discrimination ALHR supports same-sex marriage Press Release
04/03/2014 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Queensland's Climate Change of fear: Press Release
30/03/2007 Disability Australian Govt encouraged to sign UN Disability Rights Convention Press Release
19/12/2012 Refugees and Migration Press Release:Bill to Provide Natural Justice for Refugees Needs Overarching Human Rights Safeguards Press Release
22/06/2009 Refugees and Migration ALHR welcomes bill to end detention debt Press Release
19/12/2010 International Criminal Court Submission to the UN on Sri Lanka Press Release
01/03/2008 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Australian Government announces will sign Optional Protocol to Convention Against Torture Press Release
06/09/2011 Refugees and Migration ALHR Calls Upon Government to Resist Offshore Processing in Light of Landmark High Court Decision Press Release
12/08/2010 International Treaties and Domestic Implementation Major parties must commit to ratification of cluster bombs treaty Press Release
27/10/2013 General Queensland laws breach fundamental democratic safeguards Press Release
04/12/2003 Disability Drug amendments to Disability Discrimination Act breach human rights standards Press Release
01/06/2011 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) ALHR Condemns Victorian Governments Proposal to Sentence by Online Poll Press Release
01/02/2007 Terrorism | War Government powerless to improve Hicks' prison conditions Press Release
12/09/2005 Terrorism | War Parkin Arrest - Portent of Terror Laws to Come Press Release

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