ALHR Activities

Date Subject Activity Type
28/04/2011 International Criminal Court Libya - challenging on several fronts Other publications
19/10/2010 International Treaties and Domestic Implementation The United Nations Report Card on Australian Women's Human Rights Other publications
23/12/2013 General ALRC 'freedoms-v-HR' inquiry Other publications
09/02/2011 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Rally in Defence of WikiLeaks, Brisbane Other publications
30/10/2011 International Treaties and Domestic Implementation The Cluster Munitions Debate in Australia Other publications
25/05/2003 Terrorism | War Impending war on Iraq is unlawful at international law: ALHR policy statement Other publications
23/03/2009 Refugees and Migration Discussion Paper - The Fairytale of Excision: Human Rights Issues on Christmas Island Other publications
23/10/2010 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Death and the State Other publications
27/01/2009 Bill of Rights Some lawyers take cheap shots, some even work pro bono Other publications
14/04/2014 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Newman's Queensland: Here we Joh again Other publications
08/08/2006 Refugees and Migration Prime Minister's changes to Migration Bill Other publications
01/12/2011 General Common Law v Human Rights: Which Better Protects Freedoms? Other publications
28/03/2011 General Notice of ALHR AGM Other publications
13/03/2014 General AGM notice, proxy and nomination forms Other publications
24/07/2013 Refugees and Migration Criticism of PNG arrangements Other publications
01/11/2007 Refugees and Migration Joint ALHR/AHRC Report on Capabilities and attitudes of Australian human rights NGOs Other publications
01/05/2003 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) ALHR publishes essay on proposals to abolish rule against double jeopardy Other publications
19/10/2010 International Criminal Court ALHR Passion to Support the Nuremberg Heritage Other publications
03/04/2011 International Treaties and Domestic Implementation UPR Australia: Report on the NGO Coalition's Advocacy in Geneva Other publications
19/07/2010 Refugees and Migration Gillard the Myth Maker Other publications

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