ALHR Activities

Date Subject Activity Type
26/11/2002 Terrorism | War Evidence to Senate Committee on proposed anti-terrorism amendments to ASIO powers Transcript of evidence
13/02/2001 International Criminal Court Evidence to Inquiry into International Criminal Court Statute Transcript of evidence
16/05/2003 Education and Training Evidence to Inquiry on good governance education in Asia Pacific Region Transcript of evidence
06/06/2006 Refugees and Migration ALHR gives evidence to Senate Inquiry on Migration Amendment Bill Transcript of evidence
18/07/2000 Bill of Rights Evidence to NSW Law and Justice Committee Inquiry Transcript of evidence
05/12/2013 Refugees and Migration ALHR criticises freeze of protection visas Transcript of evidence
16/10/2008 General ALHR appears before Whistleblowing Inquiry Transcript of evidence
22/05/2011 General 'Fundamental Legislative Principles' Submission Submission
01/10/2012 Terrorism | War COAG Review of Counter Terrorism Legislation Submission
29/04/2010 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) Submission on Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (Qld) Submission
02/04/2008 Economic Social and Cultural Rights ALHR endorsed NGO Submission to UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Submission
08/09/2011 General ALHR Submission to the Commonwealth Attorney-Generals Consultation on draft NHRAP Baseline Study Submission
21/12/2012 Discrimination Inquiry into Draft Exposure Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 Submission
01/09/2008 Women | Gender (Inc. CEDAW) ALHR endorsed submission to Inquiry into Sex Discrimination Act Submission
16/06/2006 Sexuality HREOC Same Sex Same Entitlements Inquiry Submission
16/09/2013 Civil and Political Rights (Inc. ICCPR and CAT) G20 (Safety and Security) Bill 2013 Submission
15/06/2009 Bill of Rights ALHR submission to the national human rights consultation Submission
02/12/2012 General United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights Submission
22/12/2006 Bill of Rights Tasmania Charter of Rights Submission
01/05/2002 Terrorism | War Submission to Senate Committee on new security legislation Submission

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