ALHR Activities

Date Subject Activity Type
01/09/2008 Women | Gender (Inc. CEDAW) ALHR endorsed submission to Inquiry into Sex Discrimination Act Submission
10/09/2013 Women | Gender (Inc. CEDAW) Caution against foetus protection proposed laws Letter
07/08/2012 Women | Gender (Inc. CEDAW) Joint NGO follow up report to CEDAW Review Submission
08/06/2012 Women | Gender (Inc. CEDAW) Women's Human Rights in Australia's National Human Rights Action Plan Other publications
16/02/2014 Trade Fair Trade (Workers' Rights) Bill 2013 Submission
17/07/2007 Terrorism | War Australian Govt avoiding Courts on Haneef case Press Release
25/05/2003 Terrorism | War Impending war on Iraq is unlawful at international law: ALHR policy statement Other publications
14/04/2004 Terrorism | War Australia's obligation to protect and balance human rights Letter
01/10/2012 Terrorism | War COAG Review of Counter Terrorism Legislation Submission
26/11/2002 Terrorism | War Evidence to Senate Committee on proposed anti-terrorism amendments to ASIO powers Transcript of evidence
20/10/2005 Terrorism | War ALHR Response to Draft Anti-Terrorism legislation Letter
30/03/2012 Terrorism | War Joint Letter urges Bob Carr to encourage US accession to Mine Ban Treaty Letter
07/07/2003 Terrorism | War Australian Government agrees to breaches of David Hicks' human rights Press Release
01/05/2002 Terrorism | War Submission to Senate Committee on new security legislation Submission
03/08/2005 Terrorism | War Military Tribunal described as 'rigged' by former prosecutor Press Release
10/07/2007 Terrorism | War ALHR makes joint submission to Senate Inquiry into the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (Terrorist Material) Bill 2007 Submission
20/03/2003 Terrorism | War Australia involved in illegitimate war on Iraq Press Release
13/11/2005 Terrorism | War Terrorism Legislation Submission
24/03/2004 Terrorism | War Human rights far from enshrined in Australia Letter
01/11/2002 Terrorism | War Submission to Senate Committee on proposed anti-terrorism amendments to ASIO powers Submission

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